Our Changing Culture

Today’s culture is called postmodernism – often shortened to “pomo.” This change is thinking offers some unique opportunities for the Church in every nation of the world. As believers who are “going into all the world making disciples” as Jesus commanded we need to know and understand the shift in worldview that postmodernism has brought about. Let me just list a few of the changes…

Modernism (the old way) Postmodernism (the new way)

Truth is objective Truth is subjective
Exclusivity Relativity
Rationalism Experientialism
Absolute certainty Skepticism
Individualism Communalism
Functionality Creativity
Hierarchy, order Decentralization
Linearism Nonlinearism
Permanence Transience
Localism Globalism

These are just some of the major changes in the way people “see life” and thus ‘live life.’

So, we need to know its characteristics and then consider what needs to change in the way that we approach others and the way that we present the Gospel. The message never changes but the culture we are presenting the message to does change. Thus our methods must change and adjust. So, spend a few minutes and consider the ways you must change so that you can make strides in reaching those who find themselves living in a world that is much more subjective than it used to be.

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