One-on-One Meetings

While here ministering in Ohio I will be meeting with Christopher (pictured). I came to know him through several Apostolic Roundtables that I attended over the past few years. And, since beginning to work in the Butler, Ohio area I have renewed and deepened my relationship with him. Until a few months ago he was the worship leader at one of the churches that I minister in here in Ohio. Recently they have released him and he is now church planting in the city of Mansfield, Ohio and fulfilling the vision that the Lord has given to him regarding his ministry.

Christopher is married and has a young family. He is a tremendous worship leader, good with youth (a former youth pastor), and a good teacher of God’s Word. Like all of us there are areas of his ministry where he needs to learn new skills and approaches and areas of his personal life and character that need to develop and grow. I am excited to be one of many voices that have opportunity to speak into his life and his ministry as he steps out on this new adventure with the Lord. Christopher, like most who are church planting and ministering, has a secular job to earn a living and so juggles a lot each week to continue to minister.

Your prayers for Christopher, for our time together, and for God’s wisdom would be greatly appreciated. It is amazing to watch as the younger generation answer the apostolic call upon their lives, step out in faith and without financial backing, and begin to minister in fresh and new ways to members of their own generation.

Your prayers for my ministry today – a wedding and an opportunity to share the gospel with those in attendance would also be greatly appreciated. Tomorrow (Sunday) I preach and minister at the local church in Butler, Ohio and your prayers for that service would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks for being a vital part of this ministry in this way.

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