One Main Character

You have probably noticed that there is one main character in the Bible – God! The Bible is God’s story. Yet, often when we read the Bible, we read it as if it were about us. We look for verses containing encouragement and guidance for us. Romans 15:7 tells us that the goal of all we do is for God to be glorified. God’s great longing is to fill the earth with His glory. He wants to impact and impress all of creation with His goodness and greatness.

God longs to accomplish this mission through His people. If the starting point of all we do is not right (the focus is on us in other words), everything else will be out of alignment. If we get off track right from the beginning, we will miss our destiny down the road. God must be the goal of everything – the focus, the reason, the aim – of everything we do. God has a mission and he wants everyone to be a part of it. The mission is to glorify Himself through His great mercy.

When we were made right in God’s eyes, we are saved for God and called to join Him in spreading the good news of His love and mercy. The new covenant, the covenant of mercy and grace that has brought us into relationship with God, is first of all for God. We are saved for God first, then ourselves.

If the focus and goal of God’s plan for all eternity is His own glory, then we are called to seek, savour, and spread His glory. The Church is not divided into the called and the uncalled, those who go and those who stay, those who live for His glory and those who don’t. We are all on a mission for God – not a secret mission, but an all-consuming mission, and that mission is the glory of God.

So, as you read your Bible today – remember, it is all about Him and not you!

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