On the Road – Ohio

It is a great day to read – I am flying Regina – Toronto – Columbus, Ohio and will spend 12 hours doing so. Thus, I have several books with me to read on my way to minister for a few days in Butler, Ohio and surrounding towns and cities. I have several other books for my return trip on Tuesday the 21st of August. Time to read is always, in my mind, in short supply and so I take advantage of every opportunity I can to read, research, and record what I am discovering. Reading is more than a pastime – it is a necessity. Leaders are readers; stop reading and you will stop leading. Of course, a leader reads his Bible but there are also many tremendous other books that we can glean truth and insight from if we will just that the time to read and engage with the thoughts and ideas of the authors. I would appreciate your prayers for the time I will be flying and waiting in airports – for a sharp mind and a hearing heart.

I am on my way to minister once again in Ohio – there are a number of former ministry opportunities and many informal meetings with elders and others. I am involved in a wedding, Sunday services and ministry, hopefully meeting with the youth (it is summer, however), meeting with some of the young leaders in the church as well as someone who has begun a church plant in the city of Mansfield, Ohio. I may even meet with him and some of his leaders together for a morning. That is still in the initial planning stages even as I head to Ohio today. Thus is the nature of ministry in the summer. However, there is always more than enough to do and I know from past trips that every minute of my trip will be well utilized.

I would appreciate your prayers for the whole trip (6 days in total) and for everything the Lord is planning to do while I am there. Please pray for wisdom, strength, increased supernatural power and a stronger anointing for healing and for prophecy as I seek to take both these giftings to a higher and more powerful level. Thanks for your prayers – they are powerful and important to the success of this ministry and what the Lord has called us to accomplish.

Picture: Bill Lewis – apostolic leader and spiritual father – pastor of River of Life Community Church in Butler, Ohio. And, one of Ralph’s mentors.

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