On the Road – Ohio and Indiana

Well, my bag is packed as is my Bible and my mini-computer that is no bigger than my Bible. I am ready to go. Plane leaves Regina at 2:30 today (Saturday) and I go to Minneapolis where there is a 2 hour stop over before boarding the next flight to Dayton, Ohio – arriving at 10:00 p.m. Ohio time (8:00 p.m. “body time”). Looking forward to the stop over as I have been in the airport there often enough to know the two places where I can buy a supper that is safe for the very strict controlled diet that I am on. So, a decent supper while I read a book … and then hop on the last flight, more reading and arrive in time for a short late night chat and bed as the next day my host will be responsible for his local church’s Sunday morning service. I am looking forward to just being a member of the congregation and getting to worship and learn from whoever is teaching and ministering … doesn’t happen often.

Then we drive to Indiana Sunday after the service to meet with 24 others – all leaders in their own churches and trans-locally – for an evening of praise and worship and ministry to the King of kings and Lord of lords. We will, of course, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit but I am sensing that with this number of apostles with serious prophetic giftings we will see prophetic ministry take place – with words from the Lord for individuals, ministries, and the nations. More on that as the trip progresses as I will blog at least once a day on events and what is happening.

Monday and Tuesday – more praise and worship and we will also be listening to 3 position papers as some of the leaders in this Network who are hosting the gathering present timely presentations on a number of topics. As well, they have scheduled time for prophetic ministry to those in attendance. This is good as I really am believing for further direction for Ralph Howe Ministries. The last three prophetic words that I have received over the past two years are now 100% completed and so it would be good to hear God tell me what the next steps for this ministry are to be. Tell me what to do and I am most certainly willing to work hard and follow His directions to see it all come to pass in His timing. But, just to hear Him speak and give me further direction and greater vision – including the next few steps as we expand our influence worldwide would be very beneficial.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated. I am excited!

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