On the Road Again

I like the song by Willie Nelson “On the Road Again” as it is my informal theme song. Tomorrow I am on the road again as I leave for Ukraine where I will be spending 2 weeks working with three different churches watching God do amazing things. I will come back to that comment. First, if you are praying and the Holy Spirit should lead you to pray for Ralph Howe Ministries here is where I will be and what I will be doing…

This Friday the 29th of January and Saturday the 30th – travel
Early flight from Regina to Calgary
Mid-day flight from Calgary to Frankfurt, Germany
Mid-morning Saturaday flight from Frankfurt to Kiev
Five hour car ride from Kiev to Kirovograd and settling in to my first living quarters

January 31 – Sunday services in Kirovograd city This will involve teaching on prophetic prayer in the morning service and ministering prophetically (4 hour service) and then after a brief break – a meeting with 60 leaders to discuss what I am sensing prophetically for the local church and the city/nation

February 1 to 3 – The Gifts of God Conference in Kirovograd city – daytime attendance 150 – night time attendance 250. This is a terrific seminar taking those involved from the concept of salvation with repentance and godly sorrow, renouncing things keeping them in bondage and finding freedom, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, the Motivation Gifts of Romans 12, the Charismatic Gifts of 1 Corinthians 12 and the Five-Fold Ascension Gifts of Ephesians 4 as well as a day on “everyone can prophesy”. Every session will include prophetic ministry.

February 4 – Travel day to Ordzhonikidze city with my interpreter and his wife (also going to be interpreting for me from this point in the trip onwards) and a team of 8 young apostles and prophets who have been ministering since Sunday with me and are travelling to our next ministry situation. Five hours on the road – party-time.

February 5-6 – Conference for leaders and people from a number of local and regional churches being held in and sponsored by Word of Revival Church in Ordzhonikidze city. Two sessions a day (topic: “The prophetic and the Local Church”) with a morning meeting with the local pastor as we make plans for future ministry opportunities. Each session will include prophetic ministry as we speak the Word of the Lord over people’s lives.

February 7 – Sunday service (5 hours) in Ordzhonikidze city and then a late afternoon meeting with the pastor and a 2.5 hour drive to our next localtion. Our team of young apostles and prophets will leave us at this point as they will not be needed in the next location due to the nature of the ministry.

February 8-9 – working with one church in Dnepropetrovsk city – in the daytime we will be working only with the leaders and people from this local church as we look at their future together and deal with some fairly pressing issues. One evening we will hold a public service where the main emphasis will be prophesying over people.

February 10 – Travel to Kiev. Train leaves at 6:30 am and arrives at 1:30 pm and then we will wind our way through the city to where we are staying (with one of my young team members and his mother in their apartment). A quick shower and then we are “out on the town” doing a bit of shopping and having a meal in a western-style restaurant (my treat) – TGIF’s Steakhouse. Early in the evening – we actually try to sleep.

February 11 (Thursday) – Flights to Regina (2:00 am drive to the airport and arrive home 7:00 am next day body time which is mid-afternoon same day – actual time … 29 hours in travel time).

These are always challenging trips with much that stretches me personally and I feel that I grow in both my calling and my giftings each time I take one of these trips overseas. It’s like I go to minister and I am ministered to. God is so neat.

But the highlight is always the prophetic. We speak into people’s lives – people whose names I don’t even know and have to ask them for it – and the words spoken over them are life-changing. I hear afterwards what people thought, felt, sensed, and what the words meant to them. God is amazing. I have begun to ask for testimonies from people – and have received a number of really neat ones which I will be sharing in the revised and redesigned e-newsletter for this ministry. I then correspond with a number of those called out to be part of the new five-fold ministry that God is raising up … I currently have 100 emails from young men and women all over Eastern Europe that I will be answering during the flights tomorrow and Saturday. This week alone I have answered an additional 150+ emails from people whose lives have been totally changed (transformed) by the Word of the Lord. It is exciting and an honor to be a part of what God is doing.

So, if the Holy Spirit should lead you to pray for us – please remember Miroslav and myself and our team of 8 to 10 young men and women and ask for God’s continued blessing upon all we place our hands to … the things listed above as well as all the spontaneous meetings and ministry that happen over meals and after services where a lot of great ministry actually goes on.

Greatly appreciated.

As always – as time permits I will write and post a daily blog of events and what is happening.

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  1. tanya
    tanya says:

    Thanks Ralph for your obediance to the Lord. I thank you for Allowing God to use you to speak to me don’t stop speaking into people’s lives. You were right last time we spoke that if i was on track with the word i should be the farthest from it i went through a dark time for a while really it was GOd refining me and pulling the things that I was clinging to and man was I clinging hard. But Praise the Lord I let go and will continue to let go through his guidance I could’nt make how i feel happen if I tried Only God can do that. So I move forward into what he has called me to do not sure exactly what it is except for the glimpse that he gave through you which i am so thankful for. So bless you on this trip may God speak mightily and powerfully through you and the other members and may he pour out his spirit on all that you touch and pray for.


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