On My Way Sort Of

I am on my way – well, sort of. I arrived at the airport at 5:15a to check in for an international flight. It was United Airlines – a flight (plane) that was to come in last night and would simply fly back this morning to Denver. Well, due to fog it never came in. So, no plane and thus no flight. An hour later they have me rebooked on an 11:30a flight through Calgary to Dallas-Ft. Worth. So, hopefully I will get to the conference I am scheduled to attend but definitely not on time. I will miss the complete first evening. Welcome to international flights and winter travelling.

I will be in Dallas-Ft. Worth until Thursday morning. I am attending a conference put on by The Significant Church Network. These are people who are in smaller locations (towns and small cities) and who want to make a significant contribution to their town regardless of size of the church or the location. I am attending hoping to network with others, build some relationships, and also receive some direction and a deeper understanding of how to do what the Lord has called me to do in the North American section of my ministry. So, several long days to connect and to grow. I return home Thursday afternoon weather permitting. I teach Thursday night in Regina on the supernatural.

This is the first conference I have been to as a participant in a large number of years. I am not a conference goer or conference attender. However, I felt it was time to broader my understanding of what is happening in North America and to hear what other men are doing to plant and grow churches in North America. Of course, there will be some things that are specifically American but I am old enough and wise enough to simply take what I can use and just leave the rest. It is also an opportunity to share an “outside” experience with my mentor from Ohio who is also attending. He arrived on time last night Columbus, Ohio to Dallas, Texas. Hopefully I will do the same by the end of the day!

Your prayers for the next few days would be greatly appreciated.

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