On My Way Home

I am on my way home – that really sounds good. It has been a wonderful and marvellous two weeks of apostolic ministry – a week in the nation of Moldova and a week in the awesome nation of Russia. But it is good to be heading home. Please pray for good weather, safe travel, and all connections to be made as I switch planes several times on my way home.

The route is simple – I arrived at midnight last night in Moscow so as not to get entangled in morning traffic and thus not make the airport on time. I stay 10 minutes from the airport down a back road so always a safe and timely trip into the airport. I was up at 5:00a and ready to go by 7:00a (I worked for a while)… and then by plane to Frankfurt, Germany. I am seriously familiar with this airport and so had coffee at MacDonald’s and then walked for an hour before finding my gate … after 3.5 hours of flying it is good to walk – especially when facing another 10 hour flight and then…

Frankfurt, Germany to Calgary, Alberta, Canada and then home to Regina. It is a 30 hour trip. Pray for strength and rest as this is the first day after two weeks of ministering 18+ hours a day… so often a down day to start with (adrenalin rush has ended) but really bothersome when you add travelling and ten time zones…

I really appreciate you partnering with me in this work for the Lord. Your prayers and financial support are really appreciated. This mid-day blog on the trip will now come to an end as this is my last full day on the road. However, your prayers are still something I treasure as I prepare for a mid-February trip into the United States to minister – a two day youth conference, a Sunday in a local church and a mid-week service in a local church as well as a three day Apostolic Roundtable meeting. As well, I am preparing for a trip to Kazakhstan in March. Blogs on these trips will appear as I leave to go to these ministry opportunities.
Again, my thanks!

PICTURE: Team members prophesying over someone in one of our many services. The team included new members who had never done this in public before. God blessed their stepping out in faith.

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