Ohio to Saskatchewan

I am on the road early this morning as it is a little over an hour from Butler into Columbus, Ohio and then on to the airport in this fair sized city (another 30 minutes). Then, of course, a two hour wait after checking in, security, and customs… but there is a Tim Horton’s in the Columbus International Airport. So, an opportunity to drink some good coffee and check emails…

An hour long first flight on a plane with propellers and I am in Toronto – more customs and baggage claims and then a long walk to another Tim Horton’s as I wait five hours for the next flight (Toronto to Regina). Home just after supper. End of another trip. But the work of the Holy Spirit will continue as He uses what was said and done to help those who listened and experienced the ministry to grow into their full destiny in the Lord. Only when we die and face the Lord will we realize the things we have accomplished by simply being obedient and taking the opportunities to minister that the Lord places in front of us. I am satisfied that I did honor the Lord and do what He asked me to do while in Ohio during these past five days. Thanks for praying.

Please pray for those who received ministry during these precious last few days – that the Lord will continue what He has begun and will bring it to full completion to His glory. Please pray for my day “on the road” for safe travel and an alert mind to stay focused on my reading and studying so I will make good use of my travel time. And, pray that the Lord given me someone to witness to – someone who is hungry for the Lord. Your prayers are appreciated.

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