Ohio and Indiana – Apostolic Roundtable

It has been a tremendous few days … I have flown to Dayton, Ohio Saturday night and then drove to Celina, Ohio (1 Hour) where I spent the night. Then, in the morning, a 30 mile drive to another town where the mother church is planting a good work and attended the morning service. At the end of the service I was asked by the apostle over the work to prophesy over Joel who was with us and who was returning to France the next morning. An honor and a privilege.

Then out to Elkhart, Indiana – a 2.5 hour drive – where after checking in to the hotel where the meetings were being held – attended a whole evening of praise and worship with 25 apostles and prophets from the Network who invited me to attend as the only Canadian and one of two non-Network members. I received a prophetic word from Ken, a prophet, during the worship. Outstanding. Great worship and the presence of God was tangible and beautiful. I heard the Lord speak various things to my heart during the worship which, as I look at notes and think through all the Lord said, I will certainly share with you.

Monday – 2 presentations during the day … excellent, mind and spirit-stretching. These men are well read and really seriously in-touch with what is going on in the world and in God’s Kingdom. The two presentations gave me much to think about and, again, I will share some thoughts with you as the days and weeks progress. Great discussion – very penetrating. I also had opportunity to share (very briefly) the healing, salvation and baptism in the Holy Spirit part of my testimony both in the car on the way to Elkhart and, when asked, to the assembled group. We rejoiced with God’s goodness towards me.

In the evening we worshipped until I thought my heart would burst from the amount of love and power He was pouring into my life. I wept and God really renewed my heart and soul. I mean I am different – seriously different as a result of that night’s worship. Then 90 minutes of prophetic ministry by the four main apostles of the Network sponsoring this roundtable. Everyone was to be prophesied over so we simply stood in line. My turn came and I sat down in the chair and it began. They nailed it. They spoke into current frustrations and situations, answered questions I had only asked and discussed with the Lord and then spoke to me about some of the things the Lord had planned for the future of Ralph Howe Ministries that I am now full time with. 60% (from memory) was serious confirmation of what I had been sensing and 40% was brand new and a tremendous revelation to my head and heart. I have it as a recorded sound file and will type it out in the next few days to send to some of my advisors for their consideration, input and feedback. Exciting words about an ever expanding future impact and worldwide ministry. Again, overwhelming – seriously overwhelming. This from apostolic men that do not know my situation or the recent changes in that situation regarding financial support and income and the faith walk I am now on. God is so, so good.

The next morning (Tuesday) one more presentation – again outstanding and even amazing. Then an hour of prophetic ministry to minister to those who had not received a word the night before. Again, in-depth and mature ministry to these wonderful men. A long drive back with great sharing and conversation as we began to process all we (the two “outsiders” and a lead apostle) had heard, received and experienced. We arrived in Celina, Ohio and simply sat and shared even more.

Supper at a church member’s home with great fellowship and terrific food. During the supper meal I was asked to share my testimony again and did so with great rejoicing from everyone around the table about how great the God we worship and serve is. As the evening was drawing to a close the apostle we were with asked me to prophesy over his wife whom I had just met and knew nothing about. They were asking me to prophesy in front of these mature apostolic people who have been doing apostolic work since 1974. I was not even saved back then. I felt the Lord say to go for it in spite of my feeling of inadequacy and so I said I would. It was lengthy – and the lady was seriously ministered to by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is really neat and always amazing.

On the way to the vehicles as we were leaving to go back to where we were staying she shared with me what she was going through currently and what the words meant to her and I was seriously amazed – seriously! God is so good. We wept on the driveway of the house.

The next day – Wednesday – we had a breakfast fellowship with 7 of us – great discussions about Jesus and then went to the local church offices and met with a younger apostle, one of the founding apostles who had just the night before returned from Peru and our host, also the lead apostle. Had a five hour discussion with the two “outsiders” asking all the questions and the answers (and maturity) were amazing. It will take me weeks to process my notes and my thoughts and feelings. A late lunch with the five of us followed the meeting in the office complex, a one hour drive to Dayton, Ohio airport, and then I was on my way home.

The trip home was not uneventful – with delays due to red lights on the planes warning systems, lack of fuel and other assorted delays and inconveniences. However, I did, with a little running between flights, manage to make all my connections and finally got to bed at 3:00 a.m. body time.

Don’t let anyone kid you that international flights and ministry is glorious and a lot of fun. I am tired this morning and it has been a long five days physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. However, I knew it was God’s will to attend this apostolic roundtable and now I know why He permitted me to attend.

A return visit in March, 2010 to the next open or expanded apostolic roundtable has been extended to me and I have accepted it and plan to attend. However, I know that for the sake of Ralph Howe Ministries and our expanding world-wide apostolic ministry I will need to go down to Ohio for continuing apostolic consultations several times before then. They have agreed to this plan.

Time now to finish plans for and getting ready for an 18 day overseas trip to minister in Ukraine. Leave in 8 days.

God is good.

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