Oh, what a night!

I have been back from California 24 hours and am sitting writing this in the quiet of my study next to the ministry office. It is good to be home.

I am always amazed at what God does. I mean seriously amazed. He is awesome to say the least. Two 12 hour days in airports and on planes. Four 18 hour days talking and listening, ministering and sharing, and writing.

New people, a new church, a new area of the globe, different issues to deal with, the spiritual atmosphere of the church and the area, of course, unique and so I needed to adjust to it. Put it all together and a very draining time spiritually, emotionally and relationally. I came home “wiped”. That’s normal.

Today I did some office work, witnessed to a few people on the streets, ran a message or two. Tonight I was going to write – but the tank was empty. Key word – “was”. I walked away from the computer screen and spent some time with the Lord. He is amazing. I was seriously touched by His presence and His power in my study tonight. Touched, refreshed, renewed, revived, reinvigorated, reinvented. He revealed Himself to me and I ended up with my face in my hands simply crying my heart out because He is so awesome, so wonderful, so gentle, so kind, so magnificent, so powerful, so loving, so caring. I cried like a baby. Over and over again as waves of His presence came upon me.
He touched my heart and mind and poured in His strength, His peace, His joy, and His power. It was so real I could feel it happening spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I could feel my “insides” becoming full once again.

Life can be very draining. But God is so gracious that if we will just take the time to “wait on Him” He will and does refresh and renew. He will reveal His love and grace to us. He will pour in wisdom and understanding so we can see things and situations from His perspective. He will even physically strengthen us as we sit still and let His presence touch us.

This coming Sunday I will be, once again, ministering God’s Word. I will bring the Word of the Lord through a teaching – a revelation from the Lord for the church I am in. An apostolic insight. As well, the Word of the Lord will flow prophetically. Then a lunch meeting with the leadership and more opportunity to minister and see lives permanently changed. After I drive back home I will, once again, be drained and empty.

But, I know my God is an awesome God and a God of grace and I can simply go to Him again and be refilled and refreshed. He is truly amazing.

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