Oh, What a Mess – Summer Bible Journey #3

If you are taking the Summer Bible Reading Journey of 19 chapters a day – take a deep breath. You are now on day 9 and you will have read 171 chapters by the time you go to bed tonight. Wow! For some that is a major change in their Bible reading. Often people don’t read 171 chapters in any given month (or, we are ashamed to admit – any given year) and here you have done it in 9 days because you made a decision to carve out some time to do this. Congratualtions.

By now you will have noticed you are getting a little excited about this project. It is not impossible. It is very doable. It is very practical and beneficial. You are feeling spiritually stronger than you were before you started this journey. That’s simply because “man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” You are feeding your inner man and so you are growing stronger spiritually.

Hopefully by now you have discovered that this reading is best done in a very plain Bible which does not contain footnotes and cross-references. These seem to simply distract the average reader. They are not inspired anyways – only the Word of God itself is inspired. So, the more basic the Bible you are reading – the better.

You may have noticed, as well, that the Bible can get messed up quickly. If you are like me and take it to the park to read or take it with you when you are walking the dog – for that rest spot at the half way point – then it gets beat up quickly. Or, if you are reading it when eating on the patio or deck – same issue. It can have grass stains, the occasional dead bug, food stains, coffee stains … Bur it does not matter. It’s a book and so it’s okay to mess it up. If it really gets messed up, at the end of the summer journey simply put it on the shelf and buy yourself another copy for your continuing Bible reading efforts.

And, you will continue to read when you reach the end of this journey – because the Word of God is addictive in its own way.

Next entry we will look at chapters and verses and how they effect the understanding of what you are reading.

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    Wow! What a fantastic suggestion.
    As I said earlier, I started in Daniel. Why? Because I had just completed Ezekiel in my
    ‘other’ Bible when I read your blog.
    I stopped at the end of 2nd Matthew this morning because I had to go to work (darn).

    I have successfully stopped ‘digging’ and just read, mostly out loud as I am up before my family and am not usually interrupted.

    There is something very pleasing in hearing the Word of the Lord, it just kind of washes over you.

    I used to feel irritation with people who do not read their Bible. Now what I feel is more like sympathy.

    How sad that they stop-up and put a strangle hold on something as beautiful as what their God wants them to know.

    Come to think of it, I’m back to feeling irritated again. Need to get back into The Book!!

  2. Ralph
    Ralph says:

    Interesting that you thought of others who simply ignore the Book that God gave to us. Maybe I am selfish but I am so excited about what I am reading and learning that I seldom take much thought for others while reading and studying it. of course, I care for others and witness daily bit when reading…It is me and the Lord – our personal time together.

    For the non-Christian I am sad because they have not been told of God’s love and His great plans for eternity or they have heard and rejected it (at least for the present time).

    For the Christian I simply wonder if they really are truly saved or have actually had an encounter with the living God. If they truly loved Him and knew Him they would want to know all about Him and hear what He is speaking to them on a daily basis. Because they do not go into God’s Word daily I then wonder if they are not really in the class with the non-believers.

    I simply don’t understand Christians who are not in love with and thus read the Word of God every day.

    Folks – we have the actual words of our God in our hands – between those two covers. That is awesome! And through them we can directly come to know so much more about Him who we love, worship and serve.

  3. Bob MacDonald
    Bob MacDonald says:

    I have noticed that we our society is moving to more listeners and watchers than readers. Just walk or drive down a street and there are all kinds of people with headphones in their ears. MP3 players are even in built into cell phones now.

    If people are not reading the Bible(either they think they do not have the time or aren’t inclined to reading) then we can encourage them to listen to the Word of God. The Word of God, was for centuries, only listened to – as people did not have their own printed copy.

    I came across a great website that lets people download the Bible on MP3 – it has free downloads of the Bible in 296 languages and in 11 different versions. Did I mention it is free? I was pleasantly surprised that some of the more modern version were available for free.
    Here is the website – http://www.faithcomesbyhearing.com/ Go to the free download section.

    ALSO – we are in the video generation. Some may like to watch the Bible being read on TV. I came across a website that sells the Bible being read on DVD for TV – with words of the Bible on the screen that are read and very scenic background pictures that relate to what is being read. I have only looked at the samples on the website – but was impressed by what I saw. Watch the sample clips – they look great.
    Website = http://www.parable.com/thebiblechannel/

    Just some ideas to get the Word of God into peoples lives – even if they are not “readers”.

  4. Ralph
    Ralph says:


    Thanks the great leads on both audio and visual Bibles. You are very right – many people simply are not readers and so we need to allow this audio-visual generation to get in to the Word of God in a manner that is comfortable and familar to them.

    I listen to the Bible on my IPod while exercising each day at my fitness club. Originally it was so people would leave me alone and not talk to me – I go to exercise not chat. But, I have grown to really love hearing the Word – it is the New American Standard Version.

    In my study where I read and write I listen, almost daily, to The Message Version and follow along on a paper copy. It has been a neat experience as I “see” so much more because I am not actually thinking about the words having to read them – I am thinking of the story or concept as I hear the words read by someone else. It has been tremendously beneficial.

    I have also watched (and own) The Gospel of Matthew and The Gospel of John on DVD and they have been well done and very enjoyable.

    However, I am still a leather Bible (Black preferred) in my hand with a note pad and pencil at my side person. I am not admitting to getting old or even being old – just old fashion, I suspect.

    I look forward to following up your leads for both the audio and the visual on line. Hope others look them up as well.

    A side note – have you thought of forwarding those web sites to David in Saskatoon for his page in the In Touch newsletter for the Network?


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