October, 2017 … International School of Apostles and Prophets

The International School for Apostles and Prophets is a School designed to train, equip, and mentor young men and women who have received a prophetic call into the five-fold ministry offices of apostle and prophet.

The ten day School was first held in Ohio, United States of America in October, 2015 and plans are now underway to run a second School in October 2017 focusing on the unique ministries of the apostle and prophet. The material to be covered will include:

  1. The ministry of apostles today
  2. The personal and family life of an apostle
  3. The ministry of a prophet today
  4. The personal and family life of a prophet
  5. The team ministry of apostle-prophet
  6. How apostles and prophets work within the structure of the local church

These and other vital subjects will be covered in this School being hosted by The River Church in Butler, Ohio – sponsored and supported by Ralph Howe Ministries and The River Church. More information as it becomes available.

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