Note to Local Church Back Home – Off to Karaganda

As you read this I will have just finished my second Sunday in Almaty-Alta and will be boarding a plane for the city of Karaganda. Tomorrow morning (Monday) we will begin ministering in this northern city as we start the second week of ministry here in this great nation of Kazakhstan. God has truly touched many lives and we are standing in faith and believing it will only get better and more powerful during our second week of services here in our second ministry venue.

People here are hungry for God’s Word and are open to whatever God is wanting to do. It seems that there are no hidden agendas or expectations. They come to worship (which we do for hours at a time) and to receive from our Heavenly Father and He never fails them. He is faithful and He teaches them many new truths they were not aware of before, new skills, and deposits new hope into their hearts in a somewhat ‘hopeless’ situation. He ministers to them prophetically touching their past, present and future – impacting their lives for all of eternity. They will never be the same again. Neither will I. These are life-changing trips for us as team members as well. You cannot help but change when you spend this much time in worship and the Word every day for weeks at a time … soaking in His presence and absorbing His Word deep in the heart (even as I teach it this happens to me personally).

I appreciate your prayers for this trip and all that is happening to strengthen these fine men and women of God. I wish you could be here and experience the joy and the excitement that is literally tangible as they receive fresh manna from the hand of their loving heavenly Father. Amazing! We serve an awesome God!

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