Not By Me But Through Me

Today, as I write this, I received an email from Kazakhstan letting me know that a little 5 year old (Elizabeth) whom I had prayed for while there in April had been healed. She had never spoken and was about to start school and this was a major concern to her believing parents. So, we sat with her in the front of the sanctuary in a very small village in Kazakhstan and laid hands on her and prayed that Jesus would heal her. Just several weeks ago on a Sunday she stood with her father in front of the whole assembly and spoke plainly to them. Isn’t God amazing?

Once again I sit here in my office amazed at the God we worship and serve and realize that whatever good I might accomplish is done not by me but through me by Him who came to set the captives free and to give us life and life abundantly. He is so, so good to us and loves us more than we could ever fully know or grasp. And, all He asks in return is for us to trust Him completely, follow Him wherever He takes us, and to obey what He has commanded us to do. He has asked us to love Him with our whole heart, to love ourselves and then to love our neighbors as we love ourselves – which results in reaching out into all the world and making disciples.

As I travel the world – literally going from one nation to another month after month -I am amazed at the variety of churches that exist, the many different approaches to ministry that I see, the amazingly different formats for worship, the variety of personalities, skills and abilities that the Lord uses to touch people with His love. In every nation things are different than in the others nations – even from city to city within the same nation many things are often different. But, the one constant is His love for people and His desire to see all people come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Because of this heart for the lost all we need do is open our hearts and hands to the lost, love them as He has commanded we are to do, pray for them and trust Him to answer those prayers and touch people in so many different ways. In this case – healing.

He is waiting for you to pray for people; He is waiting for you to talk to people about His Son Jesus; He is waiting for you to call upon His Name and He will come and work miracles, signs and wonders. There is nothing that you need to wait for – there is nothing more to come. Because we can be baptized in the Holy Spirit we can walk in power and be witnesses for Him regardless of where we are. All we need to do is step out in faith believing God wants to impact lives and supernaturally touch and change people through you. And He does. And He will if…

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    That is fabulous news Ralph, thanks for sharing!
    What a mighty God we serve.

    Just think about it; if you had not obeyed the Lord and prayed for this little girl as He directed; you would have missed out on this wonderful story of healing.

    Yes, God certainly could have used someone else if you had not done what He asked you to do and the little girl would still have been healed.

    We also would have been the losers though because we would not have heard of this miracle and been moved and motivated to do what God says and act in faith and tell others of His love.

    What a waste that could have been . . . .


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