No Other Foundation – Part One

In general, the role and ministry of the Apostle is currently being reintroduced and recognized and will soon be received and reestablished in His church. Although there were some early pioneers in this whole area, it was the mid-1990’s before we saw apostles beginning to both function and be recognized in the local church. By the year 2000 apostles were not only being recognized within the local church – they were beginning to travel trans-locally. Again, I’m generalizing as there were some pioneers in this ministry who have been recognized and who have been ministering apostolically for a number of decades. However, in general, the church at large is just now beginning to consider the validity of this re-emerging ministry.

It is exciting to see networks beginning to be formed around apostolic leaders and to see these apostolic networks linking with one another in spite of often obvious theological differences.

The church is beginning to recognize the need for the ministry of apostolic men and women and the reestablishment of this foundational ministry within the local assembly.

The next step in this major shift in the Kingdom will be to see apostles and prophets working together as a team both ministering in already established churches as well as planting churches where the full gospel is not being preached.

There is no other way to establish (or reestablish) healthy churches that reproduce themselves and go in to all the world making disciples. The ministry of both apostles and prophets is foundational to a vibrant and dynamic church that is actively “going in to all the world and making disciples”.

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