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I am in the air again – flying out of Frankfurt to Toronto on my way to Regina. It has been a long trip so far and being awake for 29 hours so far is not helping I am sure. Just 16 hours left to go and I’m home and then I can sleep. On a newer plane that has plugs for laptop computers and so I can work on my sermons (2) for Sunday if the turbulence is not too bad. I have an outline for one and need to expand it fully and finish it as I computerize my rough notes written on my legal pad during the last flight from Kiev to Frankfurt from an initial outline during one of the times I was not teaching at the School and the Lord gave me the original idea I’m working on.

The apostolic trip is over and it is back to normal life – well, maybe travelling overseas and back constantly is or will become normal life for this older apostle. In some ways I hope so as I do enjoy what I am doing and can see how it is benefitting many of the young people we are working with and the churches that welcome us. However, when you reach the end of two weeks of travel and ministering and all that comes with it – meeting new people, strange beds, different foods, screwed-up eating schedules …. you get to wondering why you are still doing this when most people your age are retired. The answer, when you get rested up a bit more, is that God has called me to do this and empowers and enables me to accomplish all that is involved in each of these trips. Still, slowing down and simply writing a book and actually getting to read more than I manage to do currently sounds appealing on travel days like today.

On trips such as this one we receive immediate feedback as to the blessing the ministry has been to those involved in learning and growing. We hear stories of how what they are learning is immediately impacting their lives and that they can see how to implement the truths in their ministry when they arrive back home. We receive further feedback from people in attendance in the way of written testimonies anywhere from a week or more after the event has ended. Always amazing what the Lord is doing through our simple teachings and the prophetic ministry that is on-going.

We took a taxi to the bus stop in Kirovograd where we caught the bus into Kiev yesterday. As we were waiting for the bus to leave the taxi driver asked us the pray for him. The team members with me prayed as requested and that was really all I was planning to do as I was tired and really wanted time off and not more work. However, as I prayed it quickly flipped into a prophetic word for the man. We left immediately upon ending the ministry time standing there in the parking lot next to the bus. We later heard via a phone call that the Word had truly blessed the man and impacted him. It is always good to hear back from those on the receiving end of the ministry.

As testimonies begin to come in of lives impacted and ministries changed we will post them on line – some in the section on-line called “Apostolic Trips” and some will be posted as blogs for your enjoyment.

Blogs will now go back to my regular commentaries and insights into current situations that the Church and the Kingdom face every day (as posted earlier today). We will post several updates and ‘lessons learned’ on this apostolic trip – later after I have had time to think out all that has transpired.

Again, thanks for praying and financially supporting the work of this ministry. Your continued support would also be greatly appreciated.

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