Next Week – Russia

In 8 days I will be boarding a plane to fly to Russia (via Calgary, Canada and Frankfurt, Germany) where I will be working for two weeks ministering God’s Word – preaching and prophesying. This will be my first visit to this nation but already I feel in my spirit that it will not be my last.

Of course, international plane travel is not glamerous. In fact, it is very tiring. I will head to the airport at noon on Tuesday and will arrive in Moscow, Russia at 8 p.m. on Wednesday night. The rest is air travel, waiting in airports and working my way through customs and security checks a number of times as well as a 9 hours time difference.

After meeting my hosts in Moscow as well as my interpreter (paid staff member who is my administrator for our Eastern Europe outreach here at Ralph Howe Ministries) at the airport I will be taken to where I am staying. Unpack, catch up on the latest news of what has changed regarding our two weeks of ministry, prayer and then bed (please). No ministry to people the first night (new rule). The next day (Thursday) will be partly getting my bearings, discussions (fondly known as business meetings), and some time with my administrator who is also a friend. We need to touch bases personally and catch up on any news since our last weekly Skype time together.

In the afternoon the first day we will be meeting with a Russian Orthodox priest (new contact) and his wife for fellowship and then an early supper with them. After supper – a meeting with his leadership to teach and prophesy. Guess which one they really want? They would like me to prophesy over the individual leaders as well as over their movement (their choice of words). Done! Love doing just that. Their church is called “Blessed House of the father”.

Friday – a tour of the Kremlin and then, in the afternoon, another meeting. This one is with a Pastor Alexei (someone else I have yet to meet) and his church “Father’s House”. Saturday morning is still unscheduled (according to my latest updates – not an unusual situation) and we have a number of things that are possibles (always) … but by 4:00 p.m. we are in the thick of things ministering for the rest of the day and evening in a public service in the city.

Sunday morning we are at Maxim’s church in Krasnoarmeisk city for a morning service. He is the young leader who taught the kids a workshop on break dancing at the August youth camp in southern Ukraine where I was teaching recently. He is the youth pastor and we will be ministering to his rather large youth group. Then at 2:00 p.m. we are on our way to our main event for the city of Moscow … a 4 day school (a number of churches involved in this major event) which starts Sunday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. and goes until Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. Topics – The gifts of the Holy Spirit, Gifts in the body of Christ, How to recognize one’s calling and destiny, How to move in the gifts of the Spirit, and team work. As well, what is a person suppose to do with a prophetic word that they have received.

So, this will bring me to the end of the first full week of travel and ministry. At this point we have a night to rest (fancy word for debrief and plan the details of the next week) and pack as the next day we head to the airport to fly out to the Caucauses…

More on that tomorrow – enough boring details for one day.

Your prayers during this next 8 days would be appreciated – preparation, packing, planning, last minute details, passport back from embassy in Ottawa (on tim, we hope) where it is getting a visitor visa put in to it, etc. As well, pray for all those involved in the various ministry venues – that the Lord would minister mightily to everyone involved in whatever way He wants to and use whoever He desires … We want only His will to be done.

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