Nearing the End of the Trip

Today is a much quieter day – with a few simple fellowship meetings with some leaders during the day along with some planning and organizing of future trips – the scheduling going well into 2013 at the moment. Even here in Russia we have already been invited back to the city of Yekaterinburg where we minister for 6 days last week. The next time we are there they want us to spend two full weeks with them. So, a quieter day but only because we will not be driving for hours early morning and late night and ministering a number of times in-between.

Tonight I will be attending and teaching at a major prayer meeting held here in the city of Nyagan. I have been asked to speak on the gifts of the Holy Spirit or prayer and to minister supernaturally through the gift of prophecy. That is exactly what I will be doing. I am looking forward to it.
In your prayers today we would appreciate prayer for this meeting as well as the rest of our schedule as this trip comes to an end in a few days…

23-24 Sept. – seminars in Nyagan (about 50 people – leaders and church comers)
The Church of Jesus Christ, pastor Vyacheslav Matveichuk
10.00am-01.00pm – morning session
01.00-03.00pm – lunch break
03.00-07.00 – two more sessions

25 Sept.– Sunday service
The Church of Jesus Christ, pastor Vyacheslav Matveichuk
11.00am–02.00pm – corporate Sunday service (300 people)
02.00-03.00pm – lunch
03.00– 06.00pm – Corporate Sunday service #2

26 Sept. – Morning meetings with leaders
Flying to Moscow in afternoon
Staying overnight in Moscow – meeting with Vice-President of the Presbyterian Union of Russian Churches

27 Sept. – Morning meeting with leaders from Moscow
12.00pm – check in for flights – Frankfurt, Germany – Toronto, ON. – Regina.

Appreciate all the work you do for every team member.
We appreciate your prayers. Without them we would not accomplish all we have and seen so many lives transformed.

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