My Trusted Old Friend

Just switched over to a new desktop computer this past weekend while I was out of town. My IT guy took away an old and slow-running model Saturday and brought back a new and fasting running one Sunday evening. The new one processes information at a speed 4 times faster than the old one and has more information storage than my mind can even imagine. Amazing! And the Bible programs, maps, commentaries, notes, 10 versions… better than ever.

But, Monday morning I still took out my battered and beaten old sword of the Lord and sat down with my long-time, leather-bound friend and read from her pages the never-changing, eternal words of the God whom I had worshiped and served all weekend. A time to soak in His presence and receive refreshment. A time to let His Word sink into my heart and mind and renew me after teaching and ministering for 16 hours in two days. A time to turn the pages and see where God had spoken to me in the past (I mark these places in the margin) and to listen afresh to this timeless Word to hear His voice once again for the day that was dawning upon my world.

All this high tech stuff is great. Makes researching and writing so much easier. It makes publishing and recording very manageable in my somewhat large and very up-to-date and functional office. But when it comes to hearing God’s voice I need a Bible in my hands and the absence of a screen in front of my face. When it comes to recording what He is saying to me for His people at the next place I will be ministering or what He is speaking to me personally – I still take notes using a wooden pencil and a legal pad. Hey, if it’s not broken don’t fix it. If it’s working, don’t make adjustments.

What is most important is that I do hear the voice of God for me personally and for those I will be ministering to. It happens every day without fail. Amazing and at times seriously overwhelming as I sit and weep before Him. He is so awesome and wonderful. So gracious and kind. So merciful and loving.

Remember, no matter how or where you do it, listen for God’s voice every day. He speaks to every believer every day. It is one of the wonderful privileges of being His children. We can and do hear His voice.

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