My Report to the Local Church – October 4

As you read this I will have almost finished a full Sunday of ministry here in Moscow, Russia.
I flew out of Regina Tuesday afternoon and arrived in Moscow on Wednesday night at 6:00 p.m. Clearing customs and finding my interpreter and administrator for Ralph Howe Ministries took some time in this huge airport that services a city of 5 million. However, by mid-evening we had settled in to where we are staying for a few days.

Thursday was filled with activity. The morning was a number of business and planning meetings. Then in the afternoon I got to know Pastor Feodor and Julie Kazachenko – leaders of Blessed House of the Father Church in Moscow. Following the afternoon with them we ministered to their leadership team. A teaching and then prophetic ministry into the wee hours of the night.

Friday I spent the morning touring the very spiritually oppressive Kremlin and basically being a tourist and gaining some context for the next week of ministry. The afternoon and evening was spent with Pastor Alexei Drobatuhin and then his leadership team from Father’s House Church praying and ministering prophetically.

Saturday was a full day of ministry with various groups around the city – small and large ending with a public service in the evening. Great worship, powerful time of teaching God’s Word and ministering prophetically.

Sunday – I ministered at Christian Fellowship Church to a large youth group led by our break dancing youth pastor whom we met in August at the youth camp in Ukraine. Then the Leadership School began at 2:00 p.m. and will run well past midnight tonight (3:00 p.m. your time) as we continue to minister even as you are reading this at the start of your morning service (it is 7 p.m. here right now).

A good start to our two and a half weeks of ministry this trip to Eastern Europe.

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