My Jeans Shrunk

Well, by now you are back out the door doing some of those normal activities of life – shopping, gassing up the vehicle, returning gifts you received and did not need or even want… You may be one of the lucky ones who has gone back to work. But, life is slowly returning to normal for a few days – before it all gets turned upside down again as the New Year break from routine tosses normal out the window once again.

This morning you got dressed as you always do and found that your jeans or dress slacks shrank in the laundry over the holidays. Come on now! How old is that routine – even I use to do that one. If your clothes are a little tighter than they were before the holiday break it most likely has nothing to do with the laundry but with what you ate and drank during the holiday break and the lack of serious motion as you sat, and sat, and sat some more. So, time to stop blaming the laundry machines and become seriously honest with yourself. Afterall, you were overweight before the holiday festivies began and all you have managed to do is ignore that fact and add to the problem during the Chriustmas festivities. It’s time to get serious and give yourself a good talking to -while you do some exercising?

Well, yes it really is time to take your physical health seriously. Even if you did not over eat during the Christmas holidays and so didn’t gain any weight … take a good look at yourself before you get dressed tomorow morning. In front of a mirror – full length if possible. Now, be honest! Are you in shape or out of shape? Does your body shape – glorify God? If someone looks at you does your shape and weight indicate a discipled and godly lifestyle? Be honest, now! And, does your inner skeleton – you know muscle and inner structure glorify God? And, don’t give me any of that beauty is only skin deep nonsense. Oh! Sorry, if you are spiritual your comeback could be “God does not look on the outside as man does but at the heart…” Oh! Give me a break.

Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. How’s the temple? You are given so many days to live on the earth and, if you are not careful, you will shorten those days by your lack of attention to your diet, your waist line and your weight as well as your lack of exercising the temple properly every day.

And, let me go where angels fear to tread … what do you think goes through a non-believer’s mind when they look at you professing to walk with Jesus when you can hardly walk and a brisk pace for 30 minutes would take you out of action for the next few hours or days? I mean, come on, we talk about the need to care for the widows and orphans and helping those less fortunate but stand there miles overweight having used some of the money we could have sent to help the poor and spread the Gospel on food we most certainly didn’t need to consume. And, believe me, non-believers don’t miss that fact!

So, it’s time to join Santa in a get healthy, take care of your body, repair the temple, wear the stuff at the back of the closet, dress in front of the mirror, go to the gym, get out and walk “party.” New Year’s is coming and its time to make those soon-to-be-forgotten resolutions … but this time we need to recognize that for any decision to last and not just be a passing thought without resulting in long-term action it needs to arise out of Holy Spirit conviction that our lifestyle is not glorify God. Following that conviction should be a good dose of godly sorrow, a time of repentance, receiving and knowing God’s forgiveness and cleansing power (1 John 1:9) and then a time to think through your action plan – diet changes, timetable adjustments, gym membership costs in the budget, time to find a good gym close enough to become part of your daily routine.

It is time for our walk and talk to line up. It is time that our temples represented well the Lord Jesus Christ and His message of salvation for the whole man – body, soul and spirit.

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