My Annual Rant

Every year about this time in December I get mad – inside! I am still calm and cool on the outside but vocal in a pleasant way nonetheless. If I was not in control I would get angry – seriously angry. Let me explain.

I am an extreme introvert and as such often my feeling is that I simply wish you would all get off my planet. I call it being “peopled out” and it happens occasionally when I am ministering both overseas and here in North America because I am with people 18 hours a day, day after day. Well, during the Christmas season – I get a similar feeling – frustration, tiredness, feeling overwhelmed – it is hard to describe but it is the result of all the hypocrisy I see in people at Christmas time.

Just as I, at times, want to yell, “Get off my planet;” at this time of the year I want to scream, “Get off His holiday.”

For goodness sakes – if you do not have Jesus as Lord and Savior and are not living for Him as you follow Him in your everyday life – stop celebrating His season and His birth. At least many of the school festive concerts are no longer playing the game and have removed all references to Jesus from their programs at this time of year. But, there are still many people and multiple situations where people are celebrating and using our ‘reason for the season’ when they have no interest in Jesus – neither His birth nor His death and resurrection. So, often I feel like yelling “Get off His holiday you hypocrites!”

Of course, I could say that to many who attend church as well. They are simply nominal believers and really have not had a life-changing experience with the Lord. They still live as they have always lived except that now they have added some external Christian habits like Bible reading and prayer to their daily lives – some days! They too need to stop being hypocrites and find a secular reason for celebrating at this time of year – “get off His holiday” – or simply not celebrate at all.

A thought – maybe all those who “hold to an outward form of religion but deny the life-changing power of it” and those who simply attend church because it is socially acceptable and the thing to do (a tradition of the family)… should simply act with integrity and not take any time off on and around December 25th and simply work each day like it was just another day because for them it is. They do not bow the knee to the Lordship of Jesus so they should simply “get off His holiday.” Just a thought.

Hey, maybe I should begin a national or international movement called “Get off His holiday” and see what would happen…L

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