Multiplying the Church

Every believer is called to go into their world and make disciples. This is how the message of the Gospel spreads and the Kingdom of God expands. Healthy disciples will reproduce and there will be more disciples…

The same is true for healthy churches. Just as disciples are called to make more disciples I believe that every church is called to plant another church and then another and another. “Yes, but…” you may say, “don’t we have enough churches already?” The answer is no!

The church-to-population ratio in the United States peaked at one church for every 430 people in World War One. Today there is only one church for every 6,194 people. In Canada the ratio today is 1 church for every 115,040 people. Obviously we are needing more churches to reach more people. It has also been found that younger churches reproduce and plant new churches more often than older churches. And, that smaller churches reproduce faster and better than larger churches.

We need a lot more church plants. Why? Because people matter to God and He “wills that all people be saved.” And, an average church plant does not pass 100 in attendance by its fourth year. As well, only 68% of church plants survive after four years. This is a similar statistic no matter the denomination or group planting the new work for Christ.. 99% of church plant make it through the first year. 92% make it through a second year. 81% make it to the end of their third year. But only 68% actually move into a fifth year surviving past their fourth birthday. So, we need to be planting a lot of churches as a number of them will not continue on and, as healthy churches, help plant the next generation of churches.

So, we all need to take a good look at how we are doing. As individual believers are we building relationships with non-believers and working towards sharing the Gospel and bringing them into the Kingdom? As healthy leaders are we reproducing healthy leaders for the churches we need to be planting? And, as healthy churches are we planning to plant another church and then another – and actually acting on those plans? If not then this could easily be the death blow for the church in North America and other nations around the world.

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