Moving On!

It is now the end of the first month of this new year. Time is moving quickly. Maybe it is not moving quickly – maybe I am just moving somewhat slower so it seems to be going by me rather rapidly. But time is moving on – quickly or otherwise and you and I will be held accountable for this year that the Lord has given to us. This life is not a dress rehearsal; you don’t get to be recycled and do it all a second time only better. You only pass this way once. What are you doing of spiritual significance as you walk through each day of this year? What has changed from last year? Is it a good change or a negative one heading you in the wrong direction?

God is going to hold us accountable for what we do in 2012 for Him. He will also hold us accountable for what we don’t do that He has asked or commanded us to do. You know, go out and seek and save the lost; as you go through your regular life make disciples; things like that (you will find many such commands in the Bible). He wants 2012 to be a year of change, of growth, of progress, of maturity. He is looking for us to become more fruitful, seeing people born again and entering into His Kingdom purposes. He is looking to see His Church and thus His Kingdom grow and multiply upon the earth. He wants to see more churches planted and more believers discipled, trained and equipped for the work of the ministry. And, believe me, He is very serious about all of this.

So, if you are not moving forward in your walk with the Lord – time to make some changes, no matter how painful or costly. If you are not giving away what you have received – discipling others who are younger in the faith – time to make some changes. If you are not seeking out and finding more mature believers to help disciple and mentor you – time to make some changes. And, if your church is not… time to make some changes.

In every nation I hear God saying prophetically – it is time, it is time, it is time! It is time to become more serious about the purpose of God; it is time to let go, pay the cost and move forward in Him; it is time to make some foundational life changes that will facilitate you walking in His will and impacting others for Him (Jesus). It is time to win the lost, plant new churches and take our cities and districts for Jesus. It is time!

PICTURES: People at a five day seminar on the prophetic listening intently and then practicing hearing God for one another – growing and moving forward in spite of the building being only slightly warmer than outside (and it was held in January). And they paid a sizable fee for this seminar that would have been a serious sacrifice for everyone … but they paid because they want to grow and fulfill God’s plan and purpose for their life and for the churches they belong to.

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