Morning Coffee 

I am drinking a cup of Starbucks coffee in an airport. It is 5:00a and I have been on the road since 3:00a. It is quiet in the airport although I am always surprised at how many people there really are working towards catching a flight to who knows where. I stood in line at Starbucks waiting for them to open so I could have my first cup of coffee for the day. Hotel coffee does not count as the first cup or any cup for that matter.

Had a great ride in to the airport. Last night I met a believer whose name is Steve. He was our connection at a conference I was attending. And, he was my ride to the airport. What a terrific brother in the Lord. It was an amazing time of sharing our testimonies about how and when we were saved by the Lord and then chatting about what He is doing in our lives today as we continue to serve Him. Mutual sharing back and forth … so good, so very good.

It is always amazing to meet people in another nation – and I do work in a number of nations – who have had amazing encounters with the Lord. People who are true disciples of Jesus and are still growing and maturing becoming more and more like the One whom they follow. Not only have they had an initial encounter but they continue to have experiences with the Lord on a regular basis. And, so they are excited about the Lord and they have lots to share that is ‘fresh manna’ and so powerful to hear.

We talked and shared the whole way into the city – an hour of driving in the dark with little to no traffic. Times goes so quickly when sharing real fellowship and testifying to what the Lord is currently doing in our lives. It made me think about how amazing heaven will be as all of us will have so many stories to share that will glorify and honour the Lord as we spend eternity with Him. Our lives now, then, and forever should, as believers, point to Jesus and bring Him glory and honour. 

It was a great time and made the drive into the city go much faster than it usually does. We were not talking ‘church.’ We were talking Jesus. We were not discussing church issues. We were talking Jesus. We were not swapping medical histories and naming all the drugs we take. We were talking Jesus. We were not sharing things that are heavy on our hearts. We were sharing Jesus. We were not sharing the difficulties and circumstances that we are facing. We were talking Jesus.

It is so refreshing to have the opportunity to talk with another serious believer and follower of Jesus and focus our whole conversation on Jesus. Jesus is so amazing and we should never run out of things to share about how amazing and awesome He really is in our lives.