More Than Just Interesting in the United States (an online dating site for believers) surveyed users for its “state of dating in America” and found:

1> Nearly half of Christian respondents believe the ideal age to get married is 26 to 30 (49%)

2> More than half of Christian singles feel that between six months and two years is an appropriate range to date someone before moving in together (56%)

3> 38% of Christian singles believe the appropriate amount of time to date before getting engaged is more than a year but less than two

4> 61% of Christians say they would have sex before marriage without caveats.

A comment about #2 and #4…

It seems that being a disciple of Jesus and having declared Him to be Lord (Romans 10:9-10) means very little to singles today. Maybe even to most Christians. When 56% of those surveyed who declare their loyalty and have given their life to Jesus say that they would move in together before marriage – never mind the 6 months to 2 years – means that they do not see fornication or adultery as a sin; they do not consider sex before marriage a sin. Yet, they declare themselves to be disciples of Jesus. This statistic is even more disconcerting when you look at #4 on the survey results – 61% of Christians would have sex outside of marriage. Never mind living together – just go to a bar and hook up with someone?

Maybe I am old fashion and way out in left field here but are we not stretching the definition of “Christian” way out of shape? Are we somehow redefining the term “Christian?” Are we lowering our moral standards so as to include all those who attend a local church as “Christians?” Maybe the word “Christian” no longer has any real meaning; no longer points to having moral standards; no longer means living differently than those who do not profess to be Christians. Should we now refer to Christians and then indicate that there is a second group called disciples of the Lord – differentiating between the two? I mean, can someone call themselves a Christian and literally ignore living according to the moral standards as set out in both the Old and New Testaments?

I find it more than just interesting that these statistics are not causing alarm bells to go off in most Christian circles. I find it interesting that apparently, in general, we are not concerned that our moral standards are now fairly level with the culture in which we live. And, I find it more than just interesting that there are those in this generation who call themselves Christians and, I assume, believe that their lifestyle is acceptable to God.

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