Moral Truth

As moral truth becomes relative, moral lines become adjustable. And so we are seeing the change in morality as we alter the truth and believe a lie. We are seeing this in almost every aspect of life – education, economy, government, family, and even the Church. The Church is often seen as the guardian of moral truth. But, today many in society are ignoring the Church and forming their own truth and thus their own morality. They are determining what is right or wrong. And, the Church is becoming more and more ignorant of biblical truth in spite of the number of churches and the wide sweep of biblical teachings available today on television, radio, and the internet… not to mention the many local churches that dot the landscape.

It is good to remember in this post-Christian culture we are witnessing today that the Church is always vulnerable to the culture shaping “truth” more than “God’s truth” shaping culture. And, I believe that this is exactly the place we are in today. The culture is influencing the Church and thus we see and hear less and less absolute truth coming from those who lead the churches as well as those who follow the leaders. Those who call themselves disciples of Jesus are often indistinguishable from those who do not follow Him.

I work with young people in many nations and I am excited about what I see. I see in the younger generations a group of young men and women who are hungry for real biblical truth. They want to wrestle with real questions about real life. This is true of young people who are believers as well as those who have yet to make a decision to follow Jesus.

These young people are looking for committed and sold-out older people who can disciple and mentor them. They are not finding them. Oh, they exist. But, they are so busy with other things that they are failing to influence and thus impact the younger generation. We need to take the example of Paul the apostle to heart. He was always discipling and mentoring the younger generation – Timothy, Titus, Silas to name just a few. We need to invest our time wisely instead of wasting it on so many projects, programs, and people who really don’t want to change or get better.

And, for those of use who are discipling and mentoring the younger generation we need to become technologically savvy.  Technology will continue to shape how we tell Jesus’ story and how we help people to follow Jesus. Likely, more people will tell their own story since everyone has a “broadcast studio” in their mobile device. Furthermore, the Church will be less and less defined by its four walls and more by its mobile app and how it connects digitally.

There is a need to face the reality of the world today and adjust our ways so as to continue to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom to individuals who are looking for absolute moral truth. It is only found in the written Word and can only be successfully applied in life by having a dynamic and daily relationship with the Living Word – Jesus.

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