Monday-Tuesday in Ohio

Time flies when you are ministering daily. In fact, you wake up and have to quickly sort out what city you are in and what day it is. It is Monday and I am near the city of Mount Vernon. I am spending the day with Jamie and Ruth Overholt discussing their church in Mt. Vernon called Overcomers Christian Church and their ministry there. I mentor them and they have a church that is undergoing a serious transformation. So, lots to do and discuss in the next four days before flying home to Canada.

During this shorter week I will also be meeting with the pastor of The Upper Room where I have ministered a number of times. And meeting with several other pastors I have not met yet but who have heard of my ministry and want to meet to begin a relationship and then see about future ministry opportunities. Never dull to say the least.

It is now Wednesday lunch – yesterday flashed by and now it is Tuesday. Just finished a three hour meeting with a senior pastor and his wife. Now meeting with the assistant or associate pastor of the same church at a small coffee shop on Main Street in Bellville. Afternoon with him. Then supper with another pastor and then back for a planning meeting with my mentor regarding a meeting we are running jointly on Thursday night. The week continues to fill up.

Thanks for praying. I really appreciate the support and encouragement.

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