Modern Technology

Jesus said, “Go into all the world” and we can now do some of that via modern technology. Today I have connected with the nations of Armenia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Canada all while in rural Ohio in the United States. Some of my time has been spent planning and organizing; some has been keeping in touch and encouraging new believers; some has been mentoring people with a call to be an apostle. It is simple, quick, and convenient.

Of course, this does not stop us from actually physically “going into all the world.” I did venture forth and speak with several about Jesus while buying a new supply of Coke Zero at the local Shell station, looking at some new technology in a Verizon Store, and while purchasing coffee at the local coffee bar in the small town I am staying in. Even while doing this I was able to use a Gospel sharing App that works on a smart phone to show people what Jesus’ death and resurrection accomplished for those who come to believe.

With emails, text messaging, Skype, FaceTime, smart phones and the many other ways to connect we can have instant and constant with those we are working to influence and win to the Lord. We can stay in touch with the people we are ministering to as believers. We can stay connected to our leadership teams. We can disciple and mentor others. We can share information and help to move people forward in their walk with the Lord. All without leaving home.

Last night I picked up a note pad page from a local high school here in Ohio. The slogan for the school:
“Expect Greatness, Demand Resuts… No shame, No blame, No excuses.

I believe that just might be a comment that Jesus would make to us today if we are not going into all the world.

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