Miracles, Signs and Wonders, Please!

A great pastoral couple who hosted us last year at a major service combining a number of churches and then welcomed us into their home (still under major construction at that time) for fellowship and a meal shared with 18 other people – pastors and wives… And, again this year, we have spent some wonderful time with them both ministering and also simply fellowshipping as we come to know each other better and hear what is on each other’s hearts.

We are in the city of Tikhoretsk – our second of three days here – and because of the length of stay in one place we are able to go into much more depth with those in attendance. More like a seminar or a conference than a three to six hour training session which is all we usually manage when in a city for one day. So, we get to settle in to where we are staying for three whole “sleeps” before bring uprooted again. Well, it lends a little bit of a sense of stability and permanency – better than simply “one night stands” and moving on. However, I must admit that as tiring as moving every day is we have become somewhat use to it.

In each place we have been ministering the stories we hear of God’s goodness towards His people are always amazing and wonderful to hear. Encouraging, in fact! And, to receive feedback from those whom we have prophesied over in the past whether here in Russia or at a conference in one of the other countries that they travelled to and attended is always exciting. When you hear that the Word of the Lord has or currently is coming to fulfillment and that every detail was seriously accurate – we all stand and rejoice and weep together – that God would tell us ahead of time His plans and purpose and even some of the obstacles. Amazing God we serve. And truly we stand there together – grown men – reaching across the nations and language barriers and bawling together.

And, we have stepped out and are praying for more healings than in past visits to this area. God is faithfully touching lives as we lay hands on the sick and addicted – bringing healing and deliverance. We are believing that this power side of the apostolic ministry will grow and become more dominate than even the prophetic ministry has become over the past several years. We are literally believing for miracles, signs and wonders and God’s power to manifest itself everywhere we go.

According to one prophetic word that I received almost three years ago through Dennis Cramer’s prophetic ministry – the apostolic power of God will be arriving in cities where I will be ministering three days before I get there and will sovereignly prepare the way for my ministry. Please stand in faith with me for that to begin to happen immediately. We need Him to be much more powerful in this ministry as we begin to plant churches where the Gospel has not been preached.

As always your prayers are an encouragement to us and we rely on our prayer support and base while on these apostolic trips. Thank you for fasting and praying.

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