Minding My Own Business

God has promised that His power and presence will go with this ministry everywhere that this ministry is invited. I have been waiting for the fulfillment of this prophetic word for several years. I have heard it two if not three times. Not just power and presence as His presence is everywhere and His power is upon those of us who are baptized in the Holy Spirit. But, a real, tangible sense of His presence and a power that impacts lives…

Well, I am sitting in a church in Almaty, Kazakhstan – my first visit to this church. The earlier service had been decent and the people were certainly into worship and open to God’s Word. Good service all round. The second service I am sitting and working on something on my iPad as the worship winds down and a team member is ready to step up to teach. All of a sudden it became very evident to everyone – I mean everyone – that the power and presence of God were tangibly in the place. I stopped writing and sat in the presence of my God as I have not felt or experienced for many years. Powerful, awesome, immense, gentle, warm, moving, inspiring…

Well, the team member got up and did an awesome job of leading the people as the presence and power continued to hover over us… and then the service continued with a great teaching. I then realized that my knees had been healed. I have suffered since the beginning of June, 1012 with really troublesome knees – pain, serious pain. Walking has been difficult, stairs hard to manage, sleeping always being interrupted due to the flashes of pain… the trip had been difficult because everywhere here there are stairs and few elevators. But, sitting there in His presence and power the Lord has, without my asking, healed my knees. The pain and swelling totally gone. It is now more than 2 weeks since that eventful afternoon and there is still no pain. I walk fast and long and am enjoying life again.

God is so good… and I am looking forward to a further release of His power in this ministry He has blessed me with. Meanwhile, I am back to taking long walks and enjoying every second of them.

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