Making History or Becoming History

I am old enough that I recognize the fact that some could view me as “history.” I enjoy the music of the mid-50’s and what is now appropriately called “the oldies” – the music of the 1960’s that transformed a generation – mine. I am part of the “Age of Aquarius” (remember that song?) and thus history, over the hill, yesterday’s news.

Reading the magazines that come in to my office about Church, Church planting, Church growth … so much of it is about what young men and women in the 30’s are doing and the impact they are having in various locations around North America. Seldom read of older leaders and what they are doing – afterall, we were yesterday’s news. We should be retired and enjoying the fruits of our pensions.

Well I woke up with this phrase running around in my spirit the other morning… “Making history or becoming history.” And I felt the Lord saying “Your choice son – you can be either yesterday’s news and tomorrow’s history or you can make history by stepping out and following me into new areas of ministry where you will need to trust Me as never before. New things done in new ways in new places where the Gospel has never been heard. A challenge for even the young but I offer it to you as a seasoned worker in the Kingdom. Your choice and should you say “yes” it will never be easy and will require new skills and a deeper trust of Me for you have never been this way before.”

The sense I had was that the Lord was looking for an answer immediately. As I have always been willing to follow Him since the day I met Him, regardless of what it cost or where it led me, I said “yes” to His offer. I have, in the two days since, begun to get some idea of what it is He is asking me to become involved in. It’s sitting in my spirit and I still can’t put words to it but it is there and He has begun to speak to me about whatever it is. My head will come to know in time – know what it is not necessarily understand it all. But then that is not a concern because I don’t have the need to understand – just to know so that I can cooperate and follow closely.

I guess, at least in God’s eyes, I’m not history – and He wants me to continue making history. Just when I was honestly thinking of cutting back on what I am involved in and going into semi-retirement….

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