Losing Your Mind

“To put on the mind of Christ, you have to lose your mind. But in losing your mind, you come to your senses.” Leonard Sweet

How true. The Bible states we can have the mind of Christ and should ask God for wisdom and not simply function on human wisdom or worldly wisdom. Easier said than done if first we have to lose our mind. You know – deprogram the way we think and live so that the Word of the Lord can reprogram (the Bible calls it being ‘transformed’ – Romans 12:1-2) according to the Bible.

Now this is very basic but very important. The Bible states in Proverbs that “as a man thinks, so he becomes.” In other words, if you want to change your behavior, change the way you think. Change starts on the inside. That, of course, is why New Year’s resolutions most times don’t work. They are simply goals set on paper and not a different way of thinking. As a recovered alcoholic – delivered 31 years ago by the Holy Spirit’s power – I had to change my “stinkin’ thinking” before I could be free of my alcolholic tendencies and thus my drinking. Otherwise I might be rid of the alcohol by sheer will power but I would still have all the “isms” … manipulation, the need to control, anger, striving to please, needing approval, and wrong attitudes….

So, taking on the mind of Christ is very, very important. And, as a believer in Jesus this means you first have to lose your mind. If you truly follow the wisdom of God, as found in the life and teachings of Jesus, others might even accuse you of being out of your mind. Same thing. This person will live not as a sub-culture of the “normal” culture but as a counter-culture to regular society. The values and morals by which they live with actually not fit into or be compatible with the culture (thus a sub-culture within the norm) but will actually oppose the values and beliefs of the dominate culture of the day (read the book of Acts).

I like what Phillips Brooks – the “Pulpit Prince” of many decades ago said, “A man who lives right, and is right, has more power in his silence than another has by his words. Character is like bells which ring out sweet music and which, when touched, accidentially even, resound with sweet music.” This same is true for anyone who has lost their mind and gained the mind of Christ.

So, the call of God in Christ is to lose your mind and be willing to be different than and stand out from those who do not believe in the Lordship of Jesus and the wisdom of God as found between the covers of your Bible. If someone were to look at you and not see any difference between the way you live life and the way others live life – go back to the top of this blog and begin again…

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