Looking for Opportunities

My daily routine involves looking for and even making opportunities to share about Jesus. I really don’t care if people think I am a bit strange or different; I do care if they go to heaven or not. I believe that God has arranged opportunities for me to talk to others about His Son and our salvation through Him. My understanding is that I am to be looking for these open doors to witness and share. And, that when I find one I must be bold and share the Gospel of the Kingdom. So, God offers me opportunities each day as I “go into all my world…” and I simply need to be sensitive to these many opportunities and take the time to share.

To find the opportunity or the person He is wanting me to share with often means me asking a question or making a comment. It like turning the door knob on a closed door to see if the door is locked or open. Last week while travelling to minister a waitress asked what she could do for me. My answer, “Other than making sure every person on the planet hears that Jesus is the only way to Heaven, you could take our order.” Another time I was with two young church leaders and the guy at the door asked how many were with me so he would know the size of our party. I answer, “Three, and we are the best looking customers you will see today.” Both times I was able to engage these people in a meaningful conversation. In one restaurant which I was in numerous times over the two weeks I was ministering in the area I had the same waitress four or five times. We actually were able to build a decent rapport and I was able to share the meaning of the Gospel with her.

So, I simply step out in faith each day believing that the Lord has divine appointments and opportunities for me to share with people. Because who I am to share with is not always obvious, I simply begin friendly conversations and watch for that divine spark that will ignite the normal and open the supernatural for me. Effective outreach always require FAITH. It always has and it always will. It may not come naturally to us, but with the supernatural help of the Holy Spirit it can become a more “natural” part of our lives. But, we need to step out in faith believing that we will find someone to share with each day because we are “ambassadors of Christ” (2 Corinthians 5:21)

There is a set of guiding principles that I work by. These are simply concepts that I have pulled together both from my personal experience as well as from the many books and articles that I have read over the years. I recently taught them as part of a Sunday sermon and thought that it might be beneficial to share them here in my blogs. So, in the next five days I will outline the five principles that guide my daily evangelistic efforts and the adventure that I look forward to every time I leave home – either to run a personal message including the regular activities of life (food shopping, a trip to Walmart, etc) or to minister (such as appointments, travelling to other cities and countries, meeting with leaders).

Witnessing is not something we “do.” It is something we are. Jesus said, “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will BE My witnesses…” (Acts 1:8) So, we are the witness – and everything we do in our daily lives should give others the opportunity to “see Jesus” (John 12:21). So, five guiding principles that help me to BE a witness…

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