Lives Instantly Transformed Forever

The signs are very evident. They are all around us. God is up to something. It is not something that is going to happen in a year or two. It is not something that will happen if you do something. It is not something that is happening somewhere else requiring us to go there to receive the benefits of it. It is not only happening overseas – it is happening in this nation. It is already happening right now and it is taking place right where you are. Here! Now! In this place at this time in history.

God is moving mightily and in very significant and life-changing ways right here and right now! I personally see it everywhere I go. Lives are being instantly and supernaturally changed. Permanently. Visibly.

This is not a Church thing; it is not a man-made, hyped-up, emotionally-charged, programmed “revival”. It is not connected to any Church or any movement. It did not start through the ministry of one person. It is a God initiated, God empowered, God glorifying, true move of God’s Holy Spirit touching and transforming lives right before your eyes. You can see dramatic changes happen instantaneously right before your eyes. Permanent changes transforming lives.
God is doing some truly amazing supernatural work and I see it everywhere I go to minister God’s Word – both through teaching and through the prophetic. Every day in every place I minister I see it. It happens on street corners, in coffee shops, in church building; it happens during worship and without worship. It happens wherever a true born again believer is bold enough to believe God’s Word and act upon it.

I recently called a man forward and asked permission to simply hug him. In front of a substantial group of people I stood there and hugged him for 5 minutes and watched God pour His love into this alcoholic drug addict and we literally saw demonic spirits come out of this man and permanently leave him. I was not the only one who saw it happening. It was visible. God poured in His love and light and the darkness that hates this man and was destroying him left without anyone telling them to. The next morning the difference was obvious. Two days later, as I was packing the car to leave, he came up – still radiating – and thanked me. A life transformed

The Point: As you believe – you will see it (Matthew 9:29)

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