Listen and Obey

Listening intently to the teaching of God’s Word with hearts open and ready to obey – this couple heard the Lord speak to them and tell them that they were to move. Both have jobs in Almaty, Kazakhstan. They have just finished building a beautiful home and moving in. Thy have three young children. Thy speak little to no English. But, as seen here at a leadership school they are hungry to hear and obey. They have open and ready hearts. Open to hearing God and ready to obey.
They will be moving to Toronto, Canada to begin pastoring a church for Russian speaking immigrants to our nation. The majority of those coming to this nation have either no church background or would consider themselves Russian Orthodox. God spoke and they are obeying.

It is so simple, isn’t it. We listen for the voice of God every day. After all, Matthew 4:4 says He is continuously speaking. And, we hear Him as He speaks because John 10:10 says we can and we do. Then, after hearing His voice we simply do what He told us to do. Simple really!

Religion complicates this. The Christian faith says we have a relationship with the living God as soon as we are born again and that, within this relationship, we can, of course, hear His voice so that we can come to know Him.  As a disciple or follower of the Lord YOU hear God! The Bible states that as fact. Believe it – it’s true.

So, you are not hearing Him right now. Not a problem. Go back to the last time He really spoke to you. Review what He said to you. And then repent for having ignored Him and  simply doing what you wanted to do instead of what He spoke to you about. When God speaks He expects to be obeyed – no ignored. Obedience is not an option.

When you hear God and obey … you are guaranteed you will hear Him again the next day and the next and the next. When you don’t obey – it is most likely you will not hear His voice for some time because He does not like to be ignored.

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