Limited or Limitless – Your Choice

I have chosen to live a life without limitations. I choose daily to live a life without any limits. I can do this because I am a believer and deeply in love with Jesus. Because of my love for Him I choose to follow Him as Lord and not just as Savior and so can live without limitations. Because Jesus is God with Him all things are possible and nothing is impossible – so limitless is the way I chose to live my life as I follow Him.

I choose to follow Him closely and not at a distance. To hold Him at arms length means you will live a life with limitations.

I choose to obey everything that He commands – both written (the Bible) and spoken (prophetic) and thus not limit what He can do in and through my life.

I choose to walk in the light that I have to the best of my ability and with as pure a heart as possible. Thus He is able to supply everything that pertains to life and godliness (2 Peter) which means I live without limits.

I choose to listen daily to what He is speaking to me personally and then rearrange my life – that day’s agenda and plans and more – to fit what He has just spoken to me.

I choose to live by faith and not by sight and thus live a life that others might consider stupid or, at the least, rather different if not stange.

I choose to lay down my life daily (and willingly) because you only gain real life when you die to self and lose the normal life we all seem to want to hold onto.

I choose to not worry or become anxious over things that are happening in the world and in my life because I believe that God is sovereign and in control still. Thus I don’t limit what He is wanting to do in and through me.

I choose to evangelize even when I don’t feel like it or want to because it is obeying the Lord’s last command to His Church before His ascension and obeying leads to the Lord being there backing up my effort and words (see Matthew 28:20) and thus life lived without limits.

I choose to tithe and give over and above my tithe (no receipts required) as this releases the blessings of the Lord -not always financial but blessings none-the-less – and thus removes many of the limits I would otherwise live under.

I choose – well, you get the idea. I am a believer and have free will to choose and I choose to act according to the Word of the Lord and not my feelings. I choose to obey and not disobey. I choose life and not death. I choose to believe the best and walk by faith having tremendous hope in and for the future. I choose to love everyone I meet and accept them for who they are and how they express themselves. I simply choose to live according to God’s will for my life.

Who or what are you choosing to follow?

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  1. Randall
    Randall says:

    Our grand daughter turned three today . She said to her mother thanks for life mommy, and thanks for love . Yes little children . That,s how I feel about God ! Pure Life, Pure Love , and we can move mountains.


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