Life-Purpose Statement

I am sitting on the 8th floor of a very tall apartment building in Yekaterinburg, Russia– a city of 2 million – and have just responded to an email from my home city. It was from a young man who is excited about sharing the grace of God with people. He has just moved to the city where he has lived before and left a position as “youth pastor” in a church where I have had some connections and a little input recently. We are looking to connect and get to know each other.

It set me to thinking – along with an early morning look at thousands of cars driving down busy, wide city streets here in this city in Russia.

Do people really understand the purpose of life? Do the disciples of the Lord today understand who they are and what He is calling them to do as His Church (corporately) and as individual disciples? Are we aware of our unique calling from the Lord or are we all simply putting one foot in front of the other hoping to simply survive and make it through another day?

In the Christian Church what I am asking about is referred to as a mission statement. Sounds religious doesn’t it. Well, let’s call it a Life-Purpose Statement instead. Then others who are not disciples of the Lord might have some idea what we are talking about. Everyone who is following Jesus has a plan they are to follow and a purpose they are to fulfill – God’s plan and purpose for them. It is not just the generic plan of “going into all the world…” for the purpose of “seeking and saving the lost.” It is always more specific and detailed than that. It is always very directed and focused. However, it starts as a generalized statement about your life and what He is calling you to do.

Example of my life-purpose statement – not because it is special or better than other people’s but because it is mine and I have the right, therefore, to share it with you. Mine is: “To intimately know and touch the fullness of God through Jesus Christ and to invite others to personally experience His life and love.” From there it becomes much more detailed as to when, where, why, with whom, to whom, how, and how… but the details are not important when you are first starting and only come from spending time with the Lord and listening to His heart for you.

So, I challenge you to sit down over the next couple of days – as these blogs on Life-Purpose are published – and take a long hard look, a good and honest look, at your life as it is today – the good, the bad and the ugly – and think through, with the help of God’s Holy Spirit, what it is God has for you to be doing with the remainder of your time upon this planet no matter how long or short that may be.

This is important – otherwise we simply become one of many caught up in the fast pace of life driving to and from work each day without really knowing, understanding, or fulfilling the plan and purpose of God for your life. And, that would be seriously sad – worse still, a failure to honor and please the Lord.

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