Life-Purpose Statement – Part Two

It is so important to know your Life-Purpose. This is what God has called you to be and then to do. It is foundational to everything else you do, not just in the Church and for Jesus in ministry, but in your entire life – every second of every day. Developing your own Life-Purpose statement is the most important thing that you can do after becoming born again. Either you will decide the character of your life and set your own agenda according to your understanding of God’s will for your life (your Life-Purpose statement), or someone else will decide it for you.

Your Life-Purpose statement acts as your GPS and keeps you pointed to the plan and purpose of God for your life. Your Life-Purpose statement helps you to keep your priorities straight and keeps you focused on what is important in life so that you can please God. Reviewing your Life-Purpose statement on a regular basis will help keep your heart burning for the Lord and helps keep your passion for the Lord and His cause in the center of your life.

When you write out and settle on your Life-Purpose statement it should be clear enough that the following is true:

• It gives you evidence every step of the way through your life – family, work and play
• When you come to the end of your life, you can use it to measure whether or not you feel good about your life
• Your personal Life-Purpose Statement is short enough for you to easily remember it

Life is beautiful when lived in line with God’s revealed plans and purpose for your life. When you live within the authentic call of God on your life and see the fulfilling of your Life-Purpose on a daily basis it leads to great satisfaction and a security and strength that only comes from knowing you are walking in God’s will for your life.

However, you will need to be intentional in thinking through your Life-Purpose and building your thoughts and feelings into a Life-Purpose statement that accurately expresses God’s heart and your response to His plans and purpose. It cannot and does not happen by accident. It takes hard work but is well worth any effort and time that you will invest in the process. Begin today … you will not regret it.

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