Life-changing Grace

We are to treat others with dignity and respect – because this is how Jesus interacted with those He came into contact with. We must never attempt to control or manipulate people because this is so contrary to grace. We must always be focused on what is best for others and never on what benefits us  – putting others first. To do is we must simply love, accept, and forgive them.

We are to do what Jesus has already done for us. This means loving people in spite of how they live and what they might do that could injure or hurt you.  Simply love them as Jesus has love you – unconditionally. Remember, our love for others is based on His love for us and not on how people behave or whether they want to accept the gospel of not. It is totally unconditional and comes therefore with no strings attached.

We must also accept people as they are and not expect them to act as Christians until they actually are disciples of the Lord. And, even then, we need to be sure our expectations regarding lifestyles are based in scripture and not just in our Christian sub-culture.

And grace will forgive each and every time we are hurt by those close to us and even those who are not saved and with whom we relate. Forgiveness must be instant and total. We must never hold a grudge, carry an offense, or require others to change and thus earn their forgiveness.

As disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ we must live as He lived – full of grace and truth and living by what I have called the LAF Principle.

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