Let’s Stay Focused and On Target!

The Church is to have one focus – we are called by our Founder, Jesus Christ, to seek and save the lost as we go into all our world and make disciples. Anything less is simply not to be tolerated as it would be rebellion. Anything more would simply be clutter and extra baggage that we were not meant to carry in our journey with Jesus and His family, the Church.

Jesus commanded His disciples – we are His disciples today – to go out and make other disciples, recruiting others for the Kingdom and the work of the Kingdom. He never told them or us to create a Christian nation. He didn’t command that we impose our Christian standards upon nonbelievers. As someone once said, “Don’t expect them to act as Christians until they are.” I would add, “And when they do convert and are born again make sure what you are asking of them is really biblically and not just traditional or cultural.”

Jesus told us to win over the lost and teach them to obey everything He taught. Their goal was to persuade the lost, not to fight cultural wars as we see happening today in a number of countries. I for one am tired of seeing good believers wasting their time imposing their standards upon a culture or society – fighting to create a Christian culture in their nation or neighbourhood. I believe that we are called to change hearts. I admit that if we change enough hearts then maybe the culture will change. But, the reverse is not true. Changing the culture does not necessarily change hearts. In fact, never has.

Jesus commanded his disciples to go out and recruit other disciples. He never told us to create a Christian nation. The New Testament Church was birthed in a cultural and political cesspool. There were no family values. Sexual perversion was normative, human life was cheap and justice nonexistent for anyone except the rich and powerful. The government was fiercely opposed to the Christian message. All but one of the apostles died a martyr’s death.

Yet none of the New Testament letters say anything about what we call cultural wars. The focus of the early church was on changing hearts. And all the passages that deal with spiritual warfare are framed in the context of personal spirituality and righteousness. Let’s stay focused on the task at hand and stay on target. Let’s not wander off into things Jesus never asked us to be involved in even if they sound and look good.

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