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Around the world God is raising up young men to be apostles to His people. In every nation where I minister I call out young men who are disciples of the Lord and on whom God has placed a calling to be apostles in the Church that Jesus is building. I have yet to not see one in any church I have been in. I don’t always call them forward and prophesy over them but there is always one or more in each church and every service.

I don’t always publicly call them forward for a number of reasons. Most times it is because God does not want that part of His plan and purpose for them revealed to them just yet. Several weeks ago while in a mainline denominational church I saw two young men who have this call on them and did not call them to the front because of the nature of the service and the theology of the denomination. I return there this weekend and hope they will be involved in the seminar on the supernatural that I am teaching – maybe then the Lord will allow me to prophesy over them and impart gifts and anointing. I hope so – even though that means more work behind the scenes as it will mean discipling, training, and equipping them over the coming years.

Yesterday, in Butler, Ohio there was opportunity given to prophesy over anyone I wanted – Wow! It is a church build with a good, solid, and long-term understanding of the true nature of the Church Jesus is building. They understand that the Church is built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets and that it is to be both apostolic (sent) and prophetic (supernatural). It was fun. They were expectant and more than ready. They were excited to be in God’s presence and in no hurry to go elsewhere and thus in this charged, unrushed atmosphere God felt free to move and minister powerfully. And, of course, I spotted them – apostles-in-training. Wonderful words spoken over them. And it was fun to lead and work with a team of prophetic people I had not met before the morning service began.

Today – after a very early morning drive – I am in Toledo, Ohio in a hotel conference room meeting with a small number of other apostles, family! I feel welcomed (I am the only non-American); I feel valued; I feel the same presence of the Holy Spirit that I feel in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Canada, and yesterday. I am at home even though not at home – God is here!

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