Leaders Week in Belarus

Pictured is part of those in attendance at our leaders week in Mogilev, Belarus several weeks ago. We met for 6 days and talked about leadership issues in the church today and the need for the church to become supernartural in nature so as to influence and win more people to the Lord. Meetings were held three times a day and were packed with worship, teaching and prophetic ministry. These men and women were hungry for the Lord and powerfully impacted by each and every meeting.

These leaders came from a number of cities and towns; they were from a number of denomnational (they are called “unions” there) backgrounds; they ranged in age from 20 to 70; males and females; leaders as well as leaders-in-training; local and trans-local in emphasis. Of course, we had a few “want-to-be” leaders who were simply not leaders but the Lord sorted things like this out for us. They came at great cost to themselves as most had jobs other than pastoring to earn a living and so simply took a leave of absence without pay to spend a week with us learning and growing. They lived in people’s frontrooms, in the pentecostal church next door to the building we were using, any place they could that didn’t cost additional money – sleeping where they could, they ate when given the opportunity (we were feeding them what we could when we could in a makeshift kitchen as we had not offered meals but didn’t want people to be hungry ….) and never complained once. Not once! They were simply content with what was and happy to be able to worship, learn and be ministered to.

It was an honor to serve these men and women – to pray with them, teach them, minister prophetically and bless them with a now Word of the Lord. Every meeting was well received; people were seriously engaged each time with whatever was being taught and discussed; they stayed behind and even arrived early for added fellowship which often slipped into an additional worship time … it was amazing to watch and even more amazing to be a part of this literal ‘move of the Spirit’ that happened three times a day every day during our leaders week in Belarus. God is so good.

Thank you for praying and supporting this ministry through your prayers and financial gifts. Through your partnership (both in prayer and with your finances) you are having a major impact on this nation of Belarus – an influence that continues to grow daily. Our plans are to revisit the nation in May of 2011 and work with both leaders and youth over a two week period teaching them prophetic evangelism. Your prayers for this project would be greatly appreciated as planning is already in motion.

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