Leaders in the Church – Part Three

4> Put others ahead of yourself.

Most times when we are starting as leaders our leadership is very “me” focused. To increase your potential as a leader you need to be focused on others; especially on equipping and empowering others. I want to encourage you to make the shift from me to we. Why? Because these three factors will make you want to change

A> Reality — As the challenge escalates, the need for team work elevates.

Every worthwhile dream is greater than the individual who initially holds it. When we recognize that truth, it motivates us to ask others for help. But we also need to realize that people are most likely to help us after we have helped them in some way. So, we need to put others ahead of ourself. When we equip and empower our team, everyone is able to work together to achieve even the largest dream. 

B> Maturity — With one tiny exception, the world is composed of others.

I define maturity as unselfishness. It’s being able to see things from other people’s perspective because you value them. It means building ladders so that others can climb, not fighting to climb to ladder yourself. Effective leadership can never be all about you, because you are not the only one on your team – you are leading others.

C> Profitability – Measure your success as a leader by what you give, not what you gain

No matter what you do to make a living, you should judge your success by how much you are able to help others. Do this and you will increase your leadership potential. In the end, life is about people. Never forget it. Take care of those you lead instead of taking care of your career and reputation. If you are willing to make “success” about giving rather than gaining, you will find your life to be greatly rewarding. And your leadership potential growing.

So the question to be answered: What do you want your life to stand for?

As you grow old and draw near to the end of your life, what kind of impact do you want to have made on the world? I hope you’ll choose to add value to people. And I hope you’ll choose to become a leader of greater potential and higher capacity. The more influence you develop, the greater the positive impact you’ll be able to make. 

A true story of a singer who saw the potential he could have as a leader and how being a leader could impact and change lives…

Singer Michael Bublé loved his grandfather, Don Demetrio Santaga, who built a house in Vancouver 50 years ago and lived in it until his dying day. Santaga loved his house and hoped it would stay in his family after his death

During the final 8 years of his life, Santaga was unable to live alone, so Bublé hired a Filipina healthcare worker named Minette to care for him

At first Santaga resented having a nurse, but the two quickly became close. Bublé and Santaga came to view Minette as part of the family, and near the end of his life, Santaga shared his final wish with his grandson.

When the older man died, Minette took the opportunity to return to the Philippines to visit her family, whom she had been supporting with her income. While she was gone, Jonathan and Drew Scott, the celebrity “Property Brothers,” came to Vancouver and did extensive renovations on Santaga’s home. It was an amazing makeover.

When Minette returned, she was met with television cameras from the crew of Celebrity IOU. Michael opened the door and ushered her in, saying, “Welcome home.” Minette’s hands flew to her mouth and her eyes filled with tears. “It is so much, really so much,” she said. “I have no words right now. It hasn’t sunk in yet. It’s beautiful.”

“You can only imagine what it’s going to mean to her,” said Bublé.

A leader who saw an opportunity  to increase his potential.