Leaders But No Leadership

Every church that I work with – even the church that you attend – has leaders. We have pastors as leaders, home group leaders, worship leaders, leaders in children’s ministry and on and on the list could go. However, I notice that we have little leadership. Let me explain. We have people who are called leaders and who hold leadership positions but they really have no idea where the Church is going, what the Church is going to look like in a decade’s time, how to get where God wants us to be. They simply lead the Church working with people and programs but not really leading God’s people into the future. There is a serious shortage of visionary leadership.

Churches have pastors but no leader. Churches have leadership teams but no actual leadership. And so the Church is not moving forward into her future and is not accomplishing what God has empowered us to accomplish – win the list and make disciples in every nation. When I am planning trips overseas or in North America I ask the pastor or leader who has invited me what it is he or she wants me to teach on. Almost every time I hear “Whatever The Lord puts on your heart” or “However the Spirit leads you.” I have come to realize that these answers are a result of the leader not knowing what is needed in their local church. And, they do not know really know what God is building and so what needs to be taught to move them forward I to their future and the Church that Jesus is building. There are leaders but no real leadership.

I believe that this is a real issue in the Church today. It is as if we are leaderless because we are. However, this void that exists can really only be filled by apostles and prophets. 1 Corinthians 12:28 states that apostles and prophets are first and second int he building of the Church and must lead because they are the real leadership of the Church. They are the ones who can point into the future and set the Church in motion towards that future. They are foundational to the success of the Church and the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry of the Church.

To solve the problem of the lack of leadership in the local, regional, and national church we need to raise up apostles and prophets and welcome them as a vital and essential part of the leadership of the Church that Jesus is building. They are two key elements of a five-fold leadership team that every Church needs to embrace so that the Church can be lead into her future.

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  1. Rachel Blevins
    Rachel Blevins says:

    Thank you for bringing this truth to the light. A pastor told me recently he didn’t know where his church was headed but he is excited about the future. Seriously? Seriously!

    Blessings to you as you travel, teach, train and continue to advance the Kingdom of God throughout the earth.

  2. Ralph
    Ralph says:

    Hi Rachel, Thanks for the feedback. It is true in every nation … many who call themselves leaders – few who really lead or even know which direction to go.
    Looking forward to being in Ohio in mid-November for two weeks…will be ministering at a number of churches.


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