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I am still ministering in the city of Novomoskovsk, Russia. In the morning today I met with a leader from a church about 90 minutes from here whom I mentor regularly by Skype and in whose church I have had the honor of ministering. We spent the whole morning together and it was a good time to connect and grow in our relationship together.

This afternoon I will be ministering in a packed room to about 50 leaders (really packed out room) and we will be talking about leadership issues and working on how to evangelize supernaturally and see God’s plan and purpose carried out effectively in today’s world in Russia. Then tonight a public service.

The building we are holding the evening services in is really cold and so most keep hats and scarfs and coats on during the service. It is cold I will admit but it does not seem to bother the people and it certainly does not bother God. We minister from 6:00p to 9:00p+ and everyone stays.

Each day is slightly different but the anointing is the same and it is strong. The hunger for more of God is certainly seen and felt and people are simply enjoying God’s presence, the teaching of God’s Word, each other’s fellowship, as well as being equipped in some new areas to fulfill God’s plan and purpose in this city.

Picture: Daniel from Moscow in the leadership session (a warmer room with electric heaters) – one of Ralph’s disciples whom he is training to be an apostle. Many of the youth use tables or iPads and go without so much just to invest in one or to make monthly payments. They want to be in touch with the world and do their studies and research electronically.

Please pray for my team – they have come in from Moscow and Tula (cities within 3 hours of here) and several smaller centers and we are beginning to pick up the pace prophetically now we have more workers to handle the demand. We are getting to know each other and beginning to partner together in this ministry. Often they start as total strangers… Thanks for praying.

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