Last Day of Ministry in Ohio For this Trip

This morning I have been working on some material for a meeting I am to teach at tonight. It is now complete, I think. I will let it settle or gel for the next few hours and have one more look at it before the 7:00p meeting with a new leadership team being formed for Overcomers Christian Church in Mount Vernon. At noon today I am meeting with four leaders (2 married couples) from the same church to discuss the progress being made in things set in motion during my November visit to the church.

Mid-afternoon I will be working with The River Church in Butler meeting with a Children Church leaders for an hour before heading back to where I stay to pack so that I am ready for a 6:00a start on Friday. I head out on Friday – an hour’s drive to Columbus, Ohio, a 1.5 hour flight to Toronto, a wait, and then the 3.5 flight to Regina… home by early evening. It is always good to be heading home. Better to be at home.

I am looking forward to preaching on Sunday. I finished that teaching just yesterday and I believe I have the heart of God for both churches I work at this Sunday. Then life can return to normal for a while – whatever normal may be. Regular blogs will return Monday.

Thanks for reading these blogs over the past two weeks and for praying. It has been a seriously good trip – not without its bumps but good overall. Your prayers are much appreciated.

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