Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan – Thursday, a Travel day and…

Today is a travel day as I move from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to Almaty, Kazakhstan. It is about a 4 hour drive depending on the weather in the mountains and the officials at the border. I have my visitor visa (a cost of $250.00+) that allows me to enter the country and stay the week. Normally I fly in to Kazakhstan and there is no problem clearing customs and immigration. But this time I am driving into Kazakhstan and from a nation with which there is often tension. Please pray!

I will arrive mid-afternoon in time to unpack, change clothes, eat a quick meal and then head to an evening service somewhere in or around the city of Almaty. This is a familiar area of the world for me and it is, in many ways, always a pleasure to return to Almaty. God has done good things here every time I have been honored to come and teach. I am expecting great things this time as well.

The schedule is full. I will be in a number of local churches ministering as well as teaching along with my Canadian team member in a three day Leaders School which is held every time I visit the nation. Of course, there are always individual meetings with local leaders, team meetings to determine who is teaching what next, and meetings with those who organize and invite my ministry to come into the nation. Not to mention the many things that simply pop up and require changing the schedule and great flexibility.

On these trips it is often difficult to find adequate time to read one’s Bible and have some personal time in prayer and with the Lord. There is also a lack of personal space as often two or three can share a room. As well, all meals end up being work in one form or another as plans are discussed, debriefing takes place, questions are being asked by those you are eating with and so on. All it all, it really leaves team members, at times, feeling ‘pushed.’ So, please pray for all those involved on the team as this feeling does become stronger as the trip nears an end…

I appreciate your prayer support and your interest in the work I am doing here in Central Asia. May God bless you mightily for your part in what is happening here.

The picture: My interpreter in Kyrgyzstan for Sunday and Monday… A young married lady who will be moving to Russia in the spring.

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