Kazakhstan June, 2017

Ralph and his team (Jesse Matos) will be travelling to Kazakhstan to minister in June, 2017 (June 13th to the 26th). Ralph ministers in this amazing nation several times a year and he is looking forward to being there once again among God’s awesome and wonderful people.

Each of his last three trips he has taken a team member with him as God directed him to do a year ago. Several young men from Ohio (Jeremy Wachtel and Jacob Wachtel) and a seasoned apostle from Ohio (Bill Lewis) have made excellent team members and have been an asset to the ministry. This trip he again has a young man from Ohio, a student at a local Bible School in Columbus, the capital of the state.

Let’s allow him to introduce himself….

Hi! My name is Jesse Matos, a 19 year old college student from The United States with a veracious love for adventure, people, and Jesus! I currently attend school at Valour Christian College at World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio where I am studying Missions and will have an Associates degree by Spring 2018.

Now being in college, when someone asks me where I live I often say that my “fake” home is in Columbus on my school campus and my “not fake” home is in Marengo, Ohio (small town north of Columbus).

I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio and have lived multiple places in Central Ohio for the past 14 years. It was in Columbus, Ohio at World Harvest Church that I met Jesus and accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour. In fact, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit there.

Now I am going to college on the same ground I was saved   and filled, baptized in the Holy Spirit, at.                                          Some say coincidence but I say Jesus!

After I am done with formal education I plan to serve God in an apostolic role; what that entails has not been revealed fully to me, but my desire is to see a force of people going into the world and doing good works with the Holy Spirit so that all people might see that the only way to live is through Jesus. A little abstract but it serves its purpose for now.

Some fun facts: I read, write stories, and take photos; been to El Salvador once; I run on trails (when its warm); and I go to movie theatres mostly for the popcorn.

I am excited to be traveling with Ralph and am even more excited to be a part of what God is doing through his ministry in many nations of the world.

The nation of Kazakstan is central to all that God is doing today in Central Asia and is the centre of a very powerful youth movement that is impacting many of the nations in the region.

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